The Grooviest Family

During my recent travels around Mexico and Central America, I met the grooviest family ever. I met them in Guatemala; the mother was from France, and the father was from Canada. Together, they had two children, twin boys, which they have raised living a nomadic lifestyle.

They purchased an RV when their children were only infants. Their RV was decked out to be completely sustainable; they have solar panels all across the top, and a tower garden inside where they grow all of their own food. They have been living and traveling around Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America for 8 years by way of being what is termed “digital nomads,” meaning that they work remotely, from online.

The children were brilliant; so kind, so worldly, and tri-lingual at only the age of 9! With their outstanding blue eyes, they came running up to me in a village called San Pedro around the beautiful Lake Atitlan, kicking a soccer ball and speaking French. Once they realized I didn’t know French, they switched to Spanish. After awhile, they caught on that my Spanish wasn’t the greatest (at this time), they talked to me in English.

While taking pictures of me for their “photo journals,” we began having a lot of conversation while kicking the ball back and forth. They had so many stories to tell! We got onto the topic of Mayan culture and they started telling stories of when they stayed at the Palenque ruins in Mexico, and how the ancient Mayans would sacrifice humans and dogs down in the cenotes to the Rain Gods.

One of the twins would explain to me,“they thought the cenotes were The Underworld. It makes sense, I mean, have you seen how spooky and cool it looks down there? I would think so too...”

Their parents taught them via the school of life; they were by far the coolest family I have ever met, and I know for a fact that those kids are going to grow up and do amazing, amazing things. I highly support and encourage this type of family lifestyle!